Policy Templates for Your Business

A policy is a written document that states exactly what your employees can and cannot do with your business’s resources. This includes company Internet access, computers, email, and any other component that is tied to your business in any way.


An Acceptable Use Policy should not allow employees to download programs not approved for business use such as screen savers, pictures, music files, or file sharing networks. Essentially, the AUP should educate employees on the appropriate use of company resources.

If you don’t want your employees spending time on social media sites, downloading pornographic materials, or sending inappropriate chain emails using a company email account, make sure the AUP states these things. All employees should be required to sign a document acknowledging that they have read and understood the AUP. This protects you from lawsuits stemming from sexual harassment claims and also mitigates your liability should an employee violate the AUP and cause network damage as a result.